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Single-Skin Modular Panel System
SurFlex is a modular, single-skin pressure equalized rainscreen panel system which has been tested to AAMA 508. It has interlocking joints that assist in showcasing a very modern and contemporary look to exterior facades.  Using an automated production process, this system allows natural sheet metals to be quickly manufactured into panels within seconds.  SurFlex also installs quite easily as it is fastened directly to the building substrate.  Therefore it does not require any extrusions or clips.   This process makes it one of the most economical and cost-effective panel systems on the market. For either a subtle or dramatic effect, SurFlex has numerous design and pattern possibilities. They include Standard, Perforated, 3-Dimensional or Tapered aesthetic options, as shown below.
Special Features

  • AAMA 508 tested Pressure Equalized Rainscreen (PER) System
  • Most economical panel system on the market
  • Numerous design, aesthetic and pattern possibilities
  • Interlocking joints for fast and easy installation
  • No extrusions or clips required.

System Characteristics

Materials: Aluminum, Zinc, Copper,
Joint Type: Dry
Standard Joint Size: 1/2”
Testing: Tested to AAMA 508 Standard, ASTM E330, E283, E331
Wall Design Rainscreen and Pressure Equalized



Standard SurFlex panels offer numerous creative design patterns and colour possibilities.


Create a multi-dimensional textured effect with an array of protruding panel surfaces, sloped at varying angles, directions and depths.


Enhance the look and feel of any façade with a bold three-dimensional design of staggered panels with varied depths and sizes.


Add an unforgettable perforated image, abstract design or pattern on any size of facade.



  • System Depth: 2" nominal standard (other depths available depending on design option)
  • Material Thickness: .080” standard (other gauges available)
  • Panel Joints:  ½” nominal standard (1/2” – 2” available)
  • Finish: Anodized, Wet or Powder Coat, Wide Range of Colours
  • Weight:  Less than 2 pounds per square foot




  • System Depth:  2" nominal standard (other depths available depending on design option
  • Material Thickness:  1mm standard (other gauges available)
  • Panel Joints:  ½” nominal standard
  • Finish:  Pre-weathered Blue Gray, Pre-Weathered Graphite Gray, Bright Rolled
  • Weight:  Less than 2 pounds per square foot




  • System Depth:  2" nominal standard (other depths available depending on design option)
  • Material Thickness:  1mm standard (other gauges available)
  • Panel Joints:  ½”” nominal standard
  • Finish:  Natural, Pre-Patina
  • Weight:  Less than 2 pounds per square foot


SurFlex is a dry joint system designed, engineered and manufactured by Sobotec. Modular panels create a pressured equalized rainscreen system that does not require clips or extrusions. SurFlex eliminates exposed rivets and fasteners at the panel perimeter, providing a crisp, clean appearance. SurFlex has been proven and tested to the following specified performance requirements:

  • ASTM E1233
  • Cyclic Static Air Pressure
  • ASTM E330
  • Structural Performance ASTM E28
  • Air Infiltration ASTM E331
  • Water Penetration AAMA 508
  • Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen System

Sobotec’s SurFlex panel system is adaptable to different project conditions. Our system design allows for modifications without sacrificing performance. The system integrates with flashings, closures and trims manufactured by Sobotec. Selecting a single source provider like Sobotec allows for efficient integration of these key building elements creating a rain screen system which meets the highest design and performance requirements.

All SurFlex panel systems are made in North America, using recycled material. Applicable for LEED credits, SurFlex provides a high degree of sustainability as the panel system can be reused or recycled at the end of the products lifecycle. Manufactured using a lean process, SurFlex can assist projects to achieve zero-waste when the designs are optimized.  This allows projects to reduce their overall environmental impact and carbon footprint. Contact us today to find out how your SurFlex project can achieve zero-waste.


Dry Joint Pressure Equalized Rainscreen (PER) System

Similar to the SL-1000P, this system incorporates solid metal materials at the panel joints. The wall attachment, air/vapour barrier seals and joint treatment is per our SL-2000 standards.  Utilizing this system provides numerous design and fabrication options.

Special Features

  • Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen System
  • Ventilated cavity allows wall to breathe
  • Joint filler allows for variable colour and reveal size
  • Low-maintenance, flexible panel design
  • Concealed air barrier membrane provides improved weather resistance

System Characteristics 

Material: 1/8” (3mm) Aluminum Plate
Joint Type: Dry
Standard Joint Size: 1/2"
Testing: ASTM E283-04, E331-00, ASTM E330-02
Wall Design: Rainscreen and Pressure Equalized