Metal Composite Material (MCM) Panel Systems

Sobotec is a certified, premium MCM fabricator

Sobotec predominantly uses Alucobond® material for its MCM Panel Systems. Alucobond®, a Global Brand Leader, was created in 1969 and is the original “Aluminum Composite Material,” also known as ACM. It is time-and-laboratory tested to meet stringent Building Code requirements. Sobotec Ltd. is one of only a handful of companies to be certified by the Metal Construction Association (MCA) as a Certified Premium MCM Fabricator.


Rout & Return Caulked System

The SL-1000 system is used in applications where virtually all water infiltration is eliminated in the ventilated cavity.  An air barrier is required behind panels under these conditions. In other applications, the SL-1000 can be used as a fully sealed system which relies on the face sealant to act as the primary weather barrier.

This system is a traditional system in applications where the seal cannot be guaranteed by membranes and is still used on simple to complex applications.  With the exception of the panel joint treatment, this system is technically equal to the SL-2000 and has also been structurally tested to the same stringent criteria.

Special Features

  • Can be designed as a fully Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System
  • Can be designed as a fully face sealed system
  • Sealed panels at the joint assist in keeping water out of the air cavity

System Characteristics & Testing

Material:  Metal Composite Material
Joint Type:  Caulked Joint
Standard Joint Size:  1/2"
Testing:  Tested to AAMA 501 Standard. AAMA 501.1, AAMA 501.4
ASTM E283-04, ASTM E331-00, ASTM E330-02
Wall Design:  Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System; Fully Face Sealed


Dry Joint Pressure Equalized Rainscreen (PER) System

The SL-2000 is a low maintenance and easily customizable PER system. This system features a double line of defense against water penetration.  First, is a pressure equalized air cavity which mitigates the differential forces that attempt to draw water into a structure.  Second, is a fully protected weather barrier that blocks any residual moisture.  The MCM joint filler allows variance in both color and joint size.  The SL-2000 system has been continuously upgraded and tested as per the changing North American building code requirements.  It is also tested to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 508 standard for PER systems. The test report is available to design professionals through Sobotec’s engineering department.   The SL-2000 system can also be used with solid aluminum plate and natural metals.

Special Features

  • AAMA 508 Tested: Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System
  • Ventilated cavity allows wall to breathe
  • Joint filler allows for variable color and reveal size
  • Low-maintenance, flexible panel design
  • Concealed air barrier membrane provides improved weather resistance
  • Able to modify and customize for highly complex projects


System Characteristics & Testing

Material: Metal Composite Material
Joint Type: Dry
Standard Joint Size: 1/2"
Testing: Tested to AAMA 508 Standard. AAMA 501.1,  
ASTM E331-00, ASTM E330-02, ASTM 283-04
Wall Design: Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System


Dry Joint Gasketed System

The SL-3000 system is a high performance, dry-joint system utilizing an extruded horizontal and vertical guttering system. The joint seal is accomplished by the use of neoprene gaskets placed within the perimeter extrusions. Perimeter extrusions reinforce and encapsulate panel returns, eliminating exposed cut edges. The standard reveal color is black with optional colors available. To accommodate various accent expressions, vertical and horizontal extrusions are available in various sizes or can be extruded to suit various custom designs.  The SL-3000 is tested to the American Architectural Manufacturers (AAMA) 501 standard, Methods of Test for Exterior Walls.

Special Features

  • Secondary gutter ensures water-tight performance
  • Encapsulated panel edge
  • Air barrier membrane provides improved weather resistance
  • Low maintenance

System Characteristics & Testing

Material: Metal Composite Material
Joint Type: Extruded, Painted and Gasketed Aluminum
Standard Joint Size: 3/4"
Testing: Tested to AAMA 501 Standard. AAMA 501.1, AAMA 501.4,
ASTM E283, ASTM E331, ASTM E330
Wall Design: Dry Sealed System; Can be designed as a Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System


Dry Joint Snap-In Reveal System

The SL-4000 is a unique Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen (PER) System which allows individual panels to be easily removed and replaced. The aluminum extruded two-part, snap-in reveal allows for expansion and contraction at each individual panel.

To date, the SL-4000 system is known for having one of the largest applications of Alucobond® material in North America.  Originally developed specifically for Casino Windsor (now known as Caesar’s Casino Windsor), this project had a panel area of 375,000 sq. ft.  Its exclusive characteristics and widespread recognition made the SL-4000 another one of Sobotec's popular, engineered-performance designs.

Special Features

  • Panels are able to be easily removed and replaced without disturbing adjacent panels
  • Custom-designed, high-performance system
  • Utilizes a unique two-part snap-in extruded reveal

System Characteristics & Testing

Material: Metal Composite Material
Joint Type: Non-progressive, individually removable panels
Standard Joint Size: 3/4"
Testing: Full scale wall test at Construction Research Laboratory Inc., Miami, Florida
Wall Design: Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System